my work

LET ME IN LET ME OUT coton satin, embroidered fabric 2022
Very Small batteries, white clay, 1/2 glazed, 33x15mm 2022

Battery Pack, partially glazed white clay, bespoke leather belt

EMILE, Large ceramic Pill, 17 cm x 5 cm

KEY PISTOL glazed, sculpted raw clay 44 cm x 27 cm August 2021


Revising surge capacity post Covid September 2020

LIFE JACKET, acrylic printed on fabric 2022


I always forget what my remedies are, when I most need them , July 2020

SEED ORGANS sculpted, then moulded, glazed white 30cm
LAYERS, perforated fabric 21 cm x 14 cm

WITHIN THE FOLDS, weathered fabric

ENTRANCE POINTS, layered and perforated fabric

PASSAGE, sculpted San Sepolcro clay with white slip, glazed white, 50 cm x 37 cm
THROUGH, fabric cut out, sewn, on white padded backgound glass box 60 x 60 cm


marked for verification, San Benedetto del Tronto 2020

DRAIN HOLE, Large sculpted sink drain hole with stopper 50 cm x 37cm, red clay with white slip patina
DROPS, installation large white ceramic shapes hung on rusty wrought iron nails, painted wall
LIFE VEST installation, protective parure, white glazed petals on string 130 cm x 50 cm
Wind UP, Sculpted clay with white slip, glazed white, embroidered label 14 cm x 8 cm
PACIFIER, Giant assembled pieces, sculpted clay glazed white 57 x 53 cm
Coil vessels painted in slip with natural oxides, transparent glaze.